At Syllabus, confidentiality is always guaranteed.

When you contact Syllabus, confidentiality is guaranteed.

Syllabus keeps its staff too busy for idle chatter. Although the service contract requires a phone call and the exchange of a few emails, so as to achieve a level of quality that complies with the customer’s specifications, there’s no need to fear that the information will be handed over to an outside entity. The details of the transaction are reserved for internal use only, and there are mechanisms in place to make sure it will not be revealed to anyone outside the company without the customer’s consent.  We want to be sure that the customer feels secure in giving us all the information necessary to achieve the best possible grade.

As the owner of the company, I pledge to you that no written or oral information from our conversations will be shared with anyone other than the person responsible for the writing.  If I see fit to share information with anyone besides the writer, I will ask you for your approval beforehand.
Wishing you success in your studies,
The company owner.

The company owner.

Confidentiality and Reliability

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