Every writer knows that the hardest part of the essay comes after the writing– the editing and proofreading. This troublesome stage intimidates many students, and then negatively affects the overall quality of the writing, and the paper.  When not conducted with the adequate level of meticulousness, the paper suffers, and unfortunately, so does the grade.
The roles of editing and proofreading are: to correct and improve the syntax and grammar of the text; to improve the text’s flow, and articulation of the core themes; to make sure that the sources are accurately cited; to check that the text is clear, understandable, and well organized; and to ensure that the text generally meets the appropriate standards of academic writing. Many good essays are doomed to a mediocre or even low grade merely because of poor or inadequate editing.
Syllabus offers editing and proofreading services for your academic papers and assures you of achieving a remarkably high score thanks to the fluency, accuracy, and clarity of the text, along with its presentation in accordance with the accepted academic standards in the United States or abroad.
Our editorial staff includes qualified copy-editors who have acquired a great deal of experience in editing and proofreading at publishing houses, newspapers, universities, and in the private sector. In addition, our editors are familiar with the various editing guidelines used by each academic discipline (humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, MLA, Chicago Style Guide, APA). This team will provide you with excellent service when it comes to editing your text before submitting it to the academic institution you attend.


Editing and Proofreading

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