Gathering data for quantitative seminars and academic papers is hard work. It is interesting, but definitely taxing.

Data analysis is occasionally even more difficult. It requires a complete understanding of statistical theory, such as statistical models and their varied measurement tools, so as to extract the relevant information from the sea of data found in the research conducted. Once that’s done, you have to process and analyze the information gathered according to the required academic standards and use it to produce conclusions relevant to your seminar paper or thesis.


Syllabus is here to aid you in this difficult task.  Our team of statisticians is experienced and well-trained. We have extensive experience in quantitative research, statistical analysis, and academic paper writing for seminars, theses and doctoral dissertations.


We offer a wide array of data analysis services, which are an integral part of many disciplines. Statistical analysis requires that someone possess an analytic mind and an in-depth knowledge of the subject–both qualities that are found in abundance among our talented team of statisticians. This team can help you compile the findings of a study, analyze their statistical significance, process them and draw relevant conclusions.


The Syllabus team of experts includes holders of advanced degrees who have considerable experience in analyzing statistical data, and whom understand the specific requirements of academic writing and research.  We can help you complete statistics-related tasks with the highest degree of expertise and attention required to ensure the success of your research.

Statistical Analysis

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