Reflection papers are meant to summarize your impressions of a course or a workshop in a few short pages. They answer three basic questions: What, Why, and How. Over the course of the introduction, you convey the What’s of what you’ve learned, the main themes of the course, new information you’ve acquired, and theories that were presented by the lecturer. Most of the paper is aimed at explaining Why what you’ve learned was important and valuable. Finally, the conclusion demonstrates How the course influenced you, as well as How you’re going to use the material in the future. Although course reflection papers are often utilized by students and professors to evaluate the success of the course, they are occasionally graded, or even comprise a major part of the final grade.  A reflection paper is sometimes used as a means to demonstrate the student’s understanding of the course, its’ significance, and its’ further applicability to his or her studies–not merely as a memorized list of facts from the course material. Furthermore, if you intend to pursue additional academic endeavors with the same professor either as a  lecturer, an advisor, or even as a doctoral supervisor, a well written reflection paper may well be the first step towards productive cooperation. Our staff can help you successfully compose a reflection paper that conveys the significance of the course and its importance to your future academic career.

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