Some issues with academic essays cannot be narrowed down to a specific technical deficiency such as poor use of sources, or poorly handled statistics. Sometimes the central idea of the paper is poorly conceived, barely developed, or abandoned halfway through the text, which promptly devolves into a jumble of unconnected and only marginally relevant statements and factoids. Sometimes a highly proficient technical essay or even a grant proposal may be burdened by an overtly technical, boring, and lingo-infested introduction and conclusion, even though these are the parts that will mainly be of interest to those outside the field who may be judging the paper. The contrary also happens on occasion – a writer delves into an unfamiliar field, and his or hers writing style marks him or her as a dabbler, even if his or hers main ideas are solid.

Any number of general problems with your paper may be spotted by a professional writer, such as a staff member of Syllabus. If you have an important presentation, seminar paper, grant request or other example of academic and scientific writing, we can make sure that the paper works as a coherent and logical whole, that your ideas are properly developed, and that the language is persuasive even to people who are not immersed in the field.

We can also make sure the acronyms of your research do not spell out a dirty slang word in the language of the country whose representatives are supposed to read your paper. (Yes, that actually happened)

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