Who needs a PhD?

A PhD is a significant investment for whoever decides to do pursue that course of study. Besides the long-term time investment (at least three years), doctoral studies involve a great deal of personal commitment and require the qualities of creativity, originality, sheer intelligence and more. The decision to continue pursuing a doctoral degree is usually based on the progress the student makes during his or hers B.A and M.A, and is undertaken by people who want to focus on and specialize in a particular field and to explore it in depth. PhD studies teach the student to work independently and professionally with the aim of pursuing original research. Finally, the doctoral degree will give the student greater qualifications for high-level positions and the promise of higher wages.
As you pursue your doctorate

The writing required of a PhD student includes all the regular essays familiar to B.A and M.A students (but at a higher level). Besides those, during the course of his or hers PhD the student must submit a research proposal, written in proper academic format, which presents a plan for his or hers eventual original research. This proposal must be written in the form of a research paper and include a literature review, preliminary findings, hypotheses, methods, and more.  Furthermore, the student will be required to submit progress reports throughout his or hers studies, clearly indicating his or hers progress towards the completion of the PhD.
The doctoral dissertation

The most significant thing a student will write during the course of his or hers doctoral studies, and the goal towards which the student aspires, is the dissertation itself. This paper spans more than 100 pages and must be original and innovative in terms of its contribution to knowledge in the field. Many such dissertations include professional statistical data processing. In addition, the dissertation requires very high professional skills and writing it can take well over six months. A PhD is generally carried out under the personal guidance of a single supervisor.

The dissertation itself is read and revised repeatedly by the supervisor throughout the course of the PhD. However, the final submission of the dissertation will be judged by a number of people who are not familiar with the student. Therefore, the dissertation must meet universal academic standards.

It should be noted that many students choose to complete their doctoral studies abroad. This often requires the student to know another language besides English.


Assistance offered by the staff of Syllabus

Completing a doctoral dissertation is no easy task; it’s complex and, above all, takes a very long time. The unique circumstances of the writing, the requirement to delve deep into the material, the ongoing interaction with the supervisor and the need to implement diverse skills, all require a great deal of time, effort and resources which are not always available in this busy period of our lives.

Syllabus staff writers who have completed doctoral degrees in various disciplines (psychology, history, sociology, education, etc.) offer help writing your PhD (whether in the Sates or abroad). To this end, we suggest you make an appointment to discuss the manner of writing, explain your specific needs and plan a detailed work schedule. Our writers have a great deal knowledge and experience, the technical skills to run a detailed statistical analysis, and knowledge of the appropriate forms of academic writing. We offer a high level of service and complete confidentiality. In addition, we pledge to meet deadlines and deliver high quality results. If you feel “stuck” as you work on your doctorate, and need assistance with a particular part of the dissertation or complete and comprehensive help with the whole doctorate, contact us and we’ll figure out an optimal solution together.

PhD students abroad

Completing your doctorate abroad poses additional challenges of distance, availability, the use of tools and resources in a foreign language, and of course – dealing with unfamiliar cultural norms and writing standards in a foreign environment.
Syllabus has an experienced international staff at your disposal for the process of writing a doctoral theses, whether in English or in a number of different languages. Our writers have a great deal of experience with different writing cultures, and have the abilities and skills to deal with all the steps required for  writing doctoral dissertations, such as: writing an extensive literature review, performing complex statistical analyzes,  and drawing conclusions from the material surveyed.

We will be happy to accompany you through this long and complex process, step by step, until the completion of the final dissertation while maintaining the appropriate high standards of academic quality

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